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Do you want to increase your weightlifting total (by increasing your Snatch and Clean & Jerk numbers) in the gym and on the platform?

Do you want to improve your technical proficiency with the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk?

Do you want to increase your strength across supplemental lifts, such as back squats, front squats, push presses, and pulls?

Do you want a program that’s going to maximize performance while minimizing injury risk by providing carefully selected exercises and programming?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this program is for you!


Our weightlifting programs were designed by Sam Spinelli, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Strength & Conditioning Coach, and an advanced-level lifter with a 300lb/136kg Snatch and 360lb/163kg Clean & Jerk. There are no fads or gimmicks in these programs - you put in the work and you’ll see the results.

Take the guesswork out of your training

16 week program with clear written and video instructions
Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced options that can be performed 3-4 days per week or 5 days per week
50+ weightlifting-specific exercise tutorials (step-by-step video instructions on how to properly perform every exercise to maximize results)
100+ exercise demos (short, soundless video clips to quickly show you how to complete an exercise)
Educational videos and PDF teaching you the WHY behind the exercises and program layout
Educational videos and PDF on HOW to optimize results within and outside the program
Resources to track your workouts and progress
Accessible on your phone, tablet, or computer
Access to our Private Facebook Community to personally ask us any questions you want and interact with other members
Lifetime access, including any updates that are made to the program in the future

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re trying to increase your weightlifting total by improving your overall strength and technical proficiency, this program is for you. There are also optional accessories if you’d like to optimize your performance, physique, and range of motion.

The program is composed of 4 phases, each 4 weeks in length (16 weeks total). When you finish, you can repeat the program, progress to the next level, or try a different program entirely.

Depending on the option you select, the program is either 3-4 days per week or 5 days per week.

Each training session is 75 to 90 minutes depending on your chosen rest times, current phase of the program, and exercise selection. Some aspects of the program are optional, so you can customize it to fit your availability, preferences, and goals.

It is not recommended as it would heavily interfere with recovery and limit progress with this program.

Today! This is a digital product so you get instant access as soon as you purchase the program.

You can access the program via your phone, tablet, or laptop/computer. It works across all devices.

No problem! We have written and video instructions on how to navigate the program.

The program uses a combination of percentages (based on your 1-Rep Max or multi rep max) and Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) to prescribe the intensity and effort of exercises, so you have the flexibility to make the program easier or harder as needed.

At an absolute minimum, you’ll need a barbell, bumper plates, and a rack.

We’re physical therapists, not salesmen, but we think it’s the highest quality content at the most affordable price.

No refunds are available for downloadable products at this time.